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30 Money Affirmations to Help You Meet Any Goal

I truly believe that manifestations and affirmations can be powerful tools for making your dreams a reality.

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Under the loosest definition of the word, a manifestation is a "transmutation of thought into its physical equivalent," or "a version or incarnation of something or someone." An affirmation, as I mean it here, is nothing more than a consciously repeated positive belief with the intent to make it reality. It's intention, motivation, and repetition all wrapped into one magical phrase.

It sounds pretty witchy at first glance, right? Making something out of nothing sounds a little sketchy. But if you think about it, we make things out of other things- and sometimes even "nothings"- all the time!

Take a painting, for example. Sure, you have your paint, brushes, canvas, and easel, which fundamentally make up all that's needed to go into a painting. But when people look at a finished painting, no one thinks of the brushes and canvas. They're transcended. Past all of the material things, they see an image. An image that is bigger than the sum of it's parts. There's no doubt that they see the artist's vision, incarnate. The specific tools are just a method. A painting is a manifestation of the artist's vision.

And how did the artist manifest such a painting? They couldn't have done it unless they:

  1. had the vision for the painting

  2. believed that they could finish it once it was started

The second point is what manifestation is all about. If you're working on your money right now, then you probably have Step 1 down squat. You're dreaming of a life where you have no debt, you're financially stable- maybe you have your dream career or have started your own business. But people get stuck on Step 2. They don't actually start in the direction of their dreams (or they give up too early), because they don't really believe that it's possible. Or worse, they don't believe that it's possible for "someone like them"!

I often think of this quote by Nelson Mandela:

"Everything seems impossible until it's done."

If you haven't accomplished something yet (like paying off your student loans) then it might feel impossible for a while. It's your job to believe that it's possible in spite of your feelings. It's impossible to reach your dreams if you don't actually believe that those very dreams are possible. The first step to creating something is to envision it- to imagine or speak it into existence, even if you don't quite feel like it's possible yet.

So, I've created a list of 25 money affirmations for you to try out for yourself. I based all of them off of things that people often have trouble truly believing, yet are still possible. None of this "I manifest 2 billion dollars by tomorrow" nonsense! These are all affirmations to help you on your financial journey- the whole way, no matter how long it takes.

Pick one of these phrases (or create your own!) to begin manifesting change in your financial life.

1. Money flows freely and abundantly through my life

2. Financial security is my birthright

3. I choose to be prosperous in anything I do

4. I have the power to make money whenever I need to

5. Every day is filled with new opportunity

6. I deserve to be paid for my time, skills, and energy

7. All of my dreams and aspirations are worth it

8. I dictate my own future

9. I have all that I need

10. I am grateful for everything that I have- and everything that’s still to come

11. I set goals because I know that I can achieve them

12. My finances are resilient

13. I transform the energy that comes into my life

14. I am capable of handling anything that comes my way

15. I am prepared to take the reigns of my future

16. I am dependable and resourceful

17. I allow myself to be happy- no matter what

18. I have full faith in myself

19. My life is filled with potential

20. I am worthy of being wealthy

21. I am rich in more ways than one

22. I am free to do the things I love

23. I am the source of my own prosperity

24. My net worth will never be my self worth

25. I’ve been called to lead an abundant life

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